Baby Boy Shower Ideas: 8+ Ideas For An Awesome Baby Shower

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So now that the special day is approaching, you have to start thinking about some baby boy shower ideas.

I understand that this topic is incredibly vague so I decided to put together all of the best baby boy shower ideas and place them into one “master list”.

Have any baby boy shower ideas that you think I should include? Please drop me a comment down below!

Baby Boy Shower Ideas

Baby Showers for boys can get pretty hysterical if you invited the right crowd to the baby boy shower.

The following list highlights what I believe are some of the best baby boy shower ideas. Let me know what you think in the comment section below!

  • Memories Time Capsule – Ask everyone attending the baby shower to bring an object that can be easily identified with the month/year that the baby was born in. Examples include newspaper articles or clippings, receipts (gas receipts work well since gas prices will certainly be different in a few years!), pictures, ticket stubs, hit songs, or small gadgets representative of that year (i.e. a Furby, an Obama bobble-head toy, etc.). Now put each of the guest’s objects into the time capsule. Don’t forget to write down who brought what onto an index card as you’ll surely forget where everything came from when you and your son decide to finally open the capsule! Click here to check out my favorite baby time capsule.
  • Baby Bottle Beer Chug – After browsing the internet for something to give my baby boy shower some “manliness”, I came across these beer-style baby bottles. Now here’s the twist, fill each bottle with the drink of your choice (be weary of pregnant women!) and have a chug-off. This game is a great excuse to sip on some Bud Lattes.
  • Name That Guest – Have each guest bring one of their own baby photos. Pin them all to a bulletin board/wall and then have everyone try and guess who is who.
  • Diaper Notifications – Have the guests at your baby boy shower write little notes of encouragement, funny jokes, etc. on a bunch of diapers. That way when it’s time to do the unthinkable, you’ll have a little something to make changing the diaper a little more bearable.
  • Pin The Sperm On The Egg – Yeah, I went there. This game is sure to get people laughing. If you’d like to learn more about this game, click here.
  • The Name Game – Set down a mason jar and have each guest write down their favorite boy name recommendation and place it in the jar. Fun Fact: Mohamed and Jackson are now the most popular boy names.
  • Baby Shower Candy Bar Game – Print my exclusive baby boy shower themed baby shower candy bar game and pass it out to everyone in attendance.
  • Baby Shower Word Search – Print out my free baby boy shower ideas themed word searches and pass them out to everyone in attendance.
Baby Boy Shower Ideas

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