Baby Shower Cake Sayings: 47 Examples For You To Choose From

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Today’s article is all about baby shower cake sayings. Are you in a bind and can’t figure out what to write on your baby shower cake?

Creating cool and thoughtful baby shower cake sayings is pretty darn difficult to do. To assist you though, I have decided to compile all of the best baby shower cake sayings on the internet down into one single list.

Do you have any baby shower cake sayings that you’d like to add in to my list? Please leave me a comment down below and I will add it to this article as soon as I can!

Baby Shower Cake Sayings

What you write on your baby shower cake is completely up to you!

Given the limited space available though, I think it is best to keep your baby shower cake sayings short and sweet (pun intended).

Whatever you decide, don’t write too much.

A baby shower cake cluttered with words will usually come out looking sloppy and difficult to read.

What Should be Included in Baby Shower Cake Sayings?

Here is my extensive list of the most popular baby shower cake sayings:

  • Little fingers, little toes,
    everyday our love for you grows
  • Tiny Hands and Little Feet,
    Hello Baby, Goodbye Sleep
  • Pink or blue, we do love you!
  • The first steps a baby takes is to your heart
  • Diaper and pins, a new life begins.
  • Our family is growing by two (four) feet!
  • Baby powder, Baby oil,
    Soon you’ll have someone to spoil!
  • Look out for Mr Stork!
  • Ribbons and pearls, it’s all about the girls
  • Congratulations Mom
  • Precious little child, snuggled warm and tightly,
    we can’t wait until you’re here,
    to kiss and cuddle nightly
  • Pink or blue? We have no clue.
    God Bless Baby & you!
  • Straight from heaven up above,
    a little child for us to love.
  • Bottles, booties, diapers, pins,
    this is where the fun begins!
  • She’ll soon be here for us to love, a precious baby girl from Heaven above!
  • Tiny baby, small and sweet,
    Mom-to-be can’t see her feet!
  • He’ll soon be here for us to love, a sweet baby boy from Heaven above!
  • Pretty dresses, little curls,
    oh thank heaven for little girls!
  • Planes, trains, and tonka toys,
    thank the Lord for little boys!
  • When God’s love grows too big,
    A child is born.
  • Let’s All Cheer, Baby ______ is almost here!
  • Heaven is losing an angel
    and sending him/her to us.
  • Ten little fingers,
    Ten little toes,
    you’ll love your sweet baby,
    the more that he/she grows!
  • Children are gifts from God
  • Tiny baby, small and sweet,
    Mom-to-be can’t see her feet!
  • An Angel Sent From Heaven Above,
    Let’s Shower Her/Him With All Our Love.
  • For the New Arrival
  • Welcome New Arrival
  • Boy or Girl, We Will Just Twirl
  • For the Baby
  • Twins are coming from above, all the more for us to love!
  • 50% Mom 50% Dad
  • Nothings sweeter in all the world,
    than a precious baby girl
  • Mom and Dad are full of joy
    let’s welcome their new girl or boy!
  • Our love for you keeps growing stronger,
    hurry we can’t wait much longer!
  • When God’s love grows too big,
    A child is born.
  • A labor of love, came from above.
  • Pink or blue, we do love you!
  • Sweet as sugar, cute as pie
    __________ is the apple of our eye!
  • Rub A Dub, Baby to Love
  • Someone special, someone new,
    __________ we love you!
  • Pink or Blue, Hope Your Dreams Come True!
  • Someone special, someone dear,
    __________ is almost here!
  • Little hands and little feet,
    Baby ______ is oh so sweet!
  • A Baby Is Blooming
  • A Star is Born
  • The big day is drawing near
    __________ is almost here!
Baby Shower Cake Sayings

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