Baby Shower Thank You Wording: Send Your Guests A Card They’ll Cherish

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Writing the perfect baby shower thank you wording is an incredibly challenging task. And unfortunately for us all, expressing your thanks to those who attend your baby shower is strongly encouraged.

To be honest, it’s actually pretty rude if you don’t thank your guests! That being said, the best way to express your gratitude is to send each guest a simple, yet thoughtful, hand written “thank you” card.

Are you having trouble coming up with the perfect baby shower thank you wording? That’s alright, you are not the only one.

But don’t fret, I’ve done the hard part already! Scroll down to see our favorite baby shower thank you wording examples.

Do you have any baby shower thank you wording examples that you think I should include? Please drop me a comment in the comment section below and I’ll add your example to the list!

And if you want a customized baby shower host thank you card, I’ve found the perfect baby shower thank you cards right here.

Baby Shower Thank You Wording

Even though you already thanked many of your guests while at the baby shower, it is still very important that you express your gratitude in a handwritten, personalized thank you note.

Here are some notable guidelines to include in your baby shower thank wording:

  • Make sure to write an extensive thank you card to those who helped prepare, host, plan, etc. your baby shower. He/she/they put in a lot of work and should be acknowledged wholeheartedly.
  • Describe to each guest how you plan to use their gift. Note: It’s probably a good idea to keep good track of who gave what.
  • Be sincere! People will know when their message is generic. Make sure each guest gets their own thank you card. Don’t batch.
  • Touching on our previous point, keep them short and precise. You probably have dozens of thank you cards to write, ease the process by keeping your messages concise.

Baby Shower Thank You Wording Examples

Here are just a few of my favorite thank you wording examples.

Like I mentioned above, if you think that you can write an epic baby shower thank you card, leave a comment below and let’s chat!

Dear Sarah,

I can’t thank you enough for the toy set you bought for us. I’m sure Tommy is going to love it!

Thank you once again.



Dear Victoria,

I can’t even begin to thank you for all of the time, love, and energy you put into planning the beautiful baby shower you threw for us. You are truly a great friend, and a fantastic hostess. The food and drinks you served were excellent, the cake was amazing, the decorations were adorable, and the games were so thoughtful and fun!

Everyone had such a wonderful time at this baby shower, and now I am fully equipped with all types of great and helpful baby essentials.

I owe you big time!



Dear Tammy,

What a beautiful and memorable baby shower you threw for me! I am touched by your generosity and thoughtfulness. Putting together showers is a big undertaking, and you put together an incredible event. Everything about that day was perfect – the food, drinks, cake, decorations, games, guests, and gifts. The baby now has a closet full of adorable clothes and toys, and I have so many great baby supplies to get me started.

Thank you again for a wonderful shower, you are an amazing friend!

Love and hugs,


Dear Jill,

Your gift card is such a wonderfully thoughtful gift. There are so many things that a baby needs, so this card will definitely come in handy.

Thank you so much!



Baby Shower Thank You Wording

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