Dr Seuss Baby Shower: 9+ Theme Ideas, Decorations, & Pictures

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A year ago while browsing the internet looking for some ideas for a friend’s baby shower, I came across the coolest theme ever, the Dr Seuss Baby Shower theme!

If you aren’t currently considering a Dr Seuss baby shower, check out the Dr Seuss Baby shower theme ideas below and you will definitely have to reconsider.

Do you have any baby shower theme ideas that you think should be included in my list?Let me know and I will add it to the collection.

Dr Seuss Baby Shower Theme Ideas

In order to plan the perfect Dr Seuss baby shower, you’ll need to get creative.Hopefully the following pictures will help you spark up an awesome idea.And again, if you come up with an awesome Dr Seuss baby shower idea, please share it with us!

Here are the key Dr Seuss baby shower theme “steps”:

  • Create An Invitation – First impressions are everything. Get your guests excited by creating your very own Dr Seuss themed baby shower invitation card. A good start would be to pick your favorite Dr Seuss book and then pull out your favorite quote from within the book. Have this quote, along with an iconic picture from that particular book, be the focal point of the invitation.
  • Make Dr. Seuss Snacks – This Green Eggs and Ham treat is very easy to make. Grab some white candy melt from the nearest craft store along with a bag of pretzel sticks and some M&Ms. Once you are in the kitchen, place a candy melt onto a pair of pretzels and then place the treat on a cookie sheet. Let the pretzel – white candy melt combo sit in the oven for about 3 minutes on 350 degrees. Once the timer goes off, place an M&M into each candy melt.
  • Make Some Dr. Seuss Drinks – Split two drink stations into Thing 1 and Thing 2 from “How Do You Do?” Unleash your inner Cat in the Hat with this fun drink station (pictured above). If you want to buy a decorative drink station like the one above, click here.
  • Use A Dr Seuss Book As A Sign In Sheet – Leave a Dr Seuss book by the front entrance and have all attendees sign in by writing their name and a short message somewhere within the book. Bonus points to people who those who write messages that rhyme!
  • Make Dr Seuss Table Decorations – I made truffula trees and fish in a dish as center pieces and bought Dr Seuss inspired pinstripe table cloth (Dr Seuss table skirts were easy to find too). You can also cut out colorful pieces of construction paper into polka dots and scatter them across the tables. Next, grab glitter and some feather boas. You can decorate the chairs and tables nicely with these. Don’t forget this special Dr Seuss balloon kit!
  • Create A Dr Seuss Photo Booth – Decorate a backdrop with all kinds of crazy things including books, boas, stuffed/plush animals, streamers, removable Dr. Seuss wall decorations, and even strobe lights. Then have guests dress up in Cat in the Hat hats, whacky sunglasses, Lorax feather boas, etc. and have them hold up goofy signs or creative picture frames. The Dr Seuss baby shower photo booth is always a blast (especially if there are children there). Give it a try and let me know how it goes!
  • Make A One Fish Two Fish Guessing Game – Buy a few bags of colored Swedish Fish and put them into a big mason jar. The person with the closest guess gets to keep the candy!
  • Set Up A Dr Seuss Story Corner – If there are small children at your baby shower, set up an area where the children can sit down on a rug, bean bag chairs, etc. and read their favorite Dr Seuss books. You can even create a Dr Seuss quiz to test their memory/retention skills.
  • Give Memorable Dr Seuss Baby Shower Party Favors – Give your guests something they can cherish. We recommend getting custom embroidered Cat in the Hat hats, Thing 1 or Thing 2 t-shirts, or even Fox in Socks’ socks!

Dr Seuss Baby Shower Invitations

Dr Seuss Baby Shower Food Station

Dr Seuss Baby Shower Food

Dr Seuss Baby Shower Drinks

Dr Seuss Baby Shower Theme

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