Nautical Baby Shower Decorations: 6 “Ahoy Matey” Baby Shower Ideas

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Ahoy matey baby shower decorations! So you are planning a nautical themed baby shower, eh? The following list of nautical baby shower decorations will surely add some much needed flair to your next baby shower.

Did I miss any cool nautical baby shower decorations? Feel free to contact me with any ideas that you may have. I’d love it include it here in my list!

Nautical Baby Shower Decorations

Nautical baby shower decorations are easy to find, don’t cost a lot of money to create, and most of all, are cute.

Whether you live on the shores of the northeast, or in the deserts of Arizona, a nautical themes baby shower is never a bad idea.

Take a look at my favorite nautical baby shower decorations and get the party started!

Best Nautical Baby Shower Decorations

Without further ado, here are the best nautical baby shower decorations.

  • Nautical Floatation Devices – Life rings, floatation devices, ring buoys, or whatever you call them are must have nautical baby shower decorations. And for good reason. You can use these for a variety of decoration pieces and you can use it as the sign in sheet for the guests at your nautical bay shower! You can find decorative life rings right here.
  • Nautical Sailboat Table Cover – This inexpensive table cloth is both colorful and sturdy. Check out the anchors and sailboat design here.
  • Ahoy Nautical Napkins These napkins are as good as it gets when it comes to nautical baby shower decorations. The color scheme is perfect and the design is spot on. Grab these adorable napkins while you still can.
  • Sailboat Party Favor Box – These nautical baby shower decorations feature the classic nautical red, white, and blue colors, and are super easy to assemble. To learn more about sailboat party favor box sets, click here.
  • Nautical Flags Banner These international maritime flags are made of fade resistant nylon and feature a wide array of colors. Best of all, these flags are both realistic, durable, and can be tied very easily on both ends. You can purchase these flags directly via Amazon too.
  • Hand Crafted Nautical Sailboat Centerpieces – Featured in Bride Magazine’s September 2011 issue, these hand crafted Pacific Sailor sailboat models are ideal nautical baby shower table centerpieces. They would also work well as party favors as well. You can see these nautical baby shower decorations here.
Nautical Baby Shower Decorations

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